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  • Trinnov-Altitude32-surround-sound-processor-hero
  • Trinnov-Altitude32-surround-sound-processor
  • Trinnov-Altitude32-surround-sound-processor-front
  • Trinnov-Altitude32-surround-sound-processor-ipad
  • Trinnov-Altitude32-surround-sound-processor-rear

Trinnov Altitude32 Surround Sound Processor

State of the art 32-Channel Surround Sound Processing

The Trinnov Altitude32 is a scalable easy-to-upgrade high end surround sound processor. The entry model supports the latest HD Audio and Video formats while the highest model with 3D audio decoding option decodes and delivers up to 32 discrete channels of immersive audio content at an unprecedented level of quality, for a whole new listening experience, leaving competition far behind.

From the revolutionary hardware platform to the software environment, everything has been specified with no compromise to provide the most future-proof solution and ensure a unique user experience that Trinnov commits to enhance over years.

Trinnov stands for 3D Innovation:

As early as 2001, Trinnov achieved the world first high-spatial-resolution 30 sound chain from recording to reproduction, over 24 speakers. Since then, Trinnov continuously contributes to 3D audio at the highest scientific level, with a portfolio of over 50 patents.

Trinnov Audio provides world class universities and research labs with high channel count Optimizer for 3D Research, including NHK’s 222 channel. This is why Trinnov, as an undisputed pioneer and leader of the field, fully understands the new paradigm of immersive sound, its amazing complexity and provides the required technologies to ensure truly high performance BD reproduction.

At least for the next decade, the Altitude32 will be the new reference for 3D sound.

Trinnov shaped the Altitude32 to ensure an undisputed leadership in 3D sound, leaving nothing to chance: high channel count, huge processing capabilities to meet the highest technical requirements, and exclusive patented technologies to unleash the full potential of immersive sound, regardless of formats and speaker layouts, turning the Altitude32 into a real 3D sound virtuoso and a reference for many years to come.

The standard version of the Altitude32 natively decodes Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, DTS Digital Surround and DTS-HD Master Audio. With the SD Audio optional package, you can experience a new world of immersive sound with Auro-3D, Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. For legacy content, the Altitude32 also includes Auro-Matic, Dolby Surround Processing and DTS:Neural X upmixers.

Thanks to Trinnov patented 3D spatial remapping technology, the Altitude32 is the only processor to provide universal and spatial-accurate 30 sound playback This technology ensures an unmatched spatial resolution for the most incredible immersive experience and represents the only sustainable solution to the inherent incompatibility issue of current and future 30 sound formats.

At the heart of this new generation of processor is a new approach to Digital Signal Processing, based on revolutionary hardware architecture, highly scalable and easy to upgrade.

Instead of traditionally using multiple DSP implemented in a complex and rigid architecture, Trinnov Audio has developed a multi-purpose processing platform, based on a single multi-core Intel processor to provide unrivalled processing capabilities.

Used everyday in demanding professional environments, this architecture meets the highest requirements in terms of reliability. Despite its extreme sophistication, the Altitude32 is easy to operate thanks to a unique user-friendly and self-explaining web-based user interface.




For almost 10 years, Trinnov has provided prestigious customers with room correction solutions within the professional audio industry. In facts, the Optimizer technology is used across the entire film production chain, from mixing facilities to commercial theaters. The Optimizer is today’s most advanced, comprehensive and flexible room correction system available on the market, fully integrated in the Altitude32, providing acoustic analysis, best-in-class room optimization, intelligent active crossovers and extensive bass management possibilities to ensure a true-to-source sound reproduction.

Since 2003, Trinnov audio is committed to innovation as a mean to provide high quality sound and future-proof technologies. Both the hardware platform and software environment of the Altitude32 have been designed to open endless perspectives via software implementations and deliver a user experience to be enhanced over years through ongoing innovation.

Features and Benefits

32 Channel Digital Audio Processor

Universal Spatial-Accurate 30 Audio playback

118 Digital and Analog Inputs and 80 audio Outputs


Room Optimization fully integrated

Superior multi-subwoofer management & 4-ways active Xovers calibration

8x HDMI Inputs, 2x HDMI Outputs

User-friendly, self-explaining user interface

Builtin WiFi & UPnP/DLNA Compliant Digital Media Renderer

Wide choice of Remote Options.

Detailed Specifications:

Audio Formats:

  • HDMI 1.4b compliant digital audio with 30 video
    pass-through (HDMI 2.0 upgrade supported);
  • HD Audio Codecs: Dolby TrueHD®, DTS-HD Master Audio®;
  • 30 Audio Codecs (optional): Dolby Atmos®, Auro-30®,
  • LPCM Audio: l6-channels AES input compatible with
    Digital Cinema Servers;
  • UPnP/DLNA renderer. WAV, AIFF, OGG, FLAC up to
    24 bits/ 192 kHz.


  • Digital:
    • 8 x 30 Ready HDMI 1.4b compliant
    • 1 x 16 AES channels on 0825
    • 4 x S/PDIF coaxial on RCA
    • 4 x S/PDIF optical on TosLink
    • 2 x AES/EBU on XLR
  • Analogue:
    • 3 x RCA stereo
    • 2 x XLR stereo
    • 1 x RCA 7.1
    • 1 x 30 Microphone Input


    • Digital:
      • 2 x HDMI outputs
      • 16 x AES channels on 0825
      • 1 x AES/EBU on XLR
      • 1 x S/PDIF coaxial + 1x S/PDlF optical
      • 1 x AML extension link
    • Analogue:
      • 32 x Balanced on 4x 0325
      • 16x Balanced on 16x XLR
      • 1x RCA stereo

      Audio Processing:

      • Automatic processing:
        • Multi-point acoustic measurement (Trinnov 30 measurement microphone);
        • Time/Frequency acoustic analysis based on impulse response measurement;
        • Loudspeaker/Room optimization;
        • Target Curves
      • Manual processing:
        • Several layers of 31 bands Graphic EQ, FIR EQ, gains, polarity and delays available for every channel;
        • Front / Surround / Top balance.
      •  Comprehensive Processing latency control:
        • Total delay given in meters/milliseconds/frames for the listening point;
        • Adjustable global delay for accurate Lip Sync.

        Remote Management:

        • VNC Remote Control through the network from any smartphone, tablet or laptop;
        • Web-based responsive interface (01 2015);
        • Automation via Telnet and R8232 protocols;
        • Crestron® and Savant® modules available;
        • Built-in Gigabit Ethernet and WiFi;
        • Remote control included.


        • Dedicated linear power supply with toroidal transformer
          on the Analog audio circuit;
        • Dedicated PSU / switch-mode power supply on the
          digital audio circuit.

        Exclusive Technologies:

        • Trinnov patented 20/30 spatial remapping;
        • Trinnov Loudspeaker/Room Optimization;
        • Trinnov high-performance ADIDA converters, used
          daily by the most demanding mastering studios;
        • Next Generation Hardware platform:
          • Revolutionary architecture, scalable processing
          • 64 bits Floating point 8. 24 bits / 192 kHz native
          • Future-proof software-oriented upgrades provided
            over internet, no need for DSP upgrade;
          • Robust design, inspired from our Professional
            Audio product lines.

          Subwoofer Management:

          • Adjustable High Pass I Low pass editable by group or for individual satellite/sub;
          • Support for 0 to 32 subwoofers;
          • Automatic level and delay alignment.


Documentation to be added soon . . .