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JBL Synthesis 1500 Array Subwoofer

Raising the Standard for Ultrahigh-end Luxury Audio

The 1500 Array is a potent subwoofer capable of heart-stopping deep bass. It incorporates a powerful W1500H 380mm (15″) bass driver with 100mm (4″) copper edgewound voice coil and a dedicated 1000-watt Class D digital power amplifier mounted in a trapezoidal enclosure.

JBL Project Array floorstanding loudspeakers employ advanced Aquaplas-treated high-frequency transducers and titanium-diaphragm ultrahigh-frequency drivers in an extremely dense and rigid freestanding horn. The unconventional look of the horn assembly produces an equally unconventional sound: brilliantly clean highs – into the ethereal realm of 40kHz – delivered directly to a listener’s ears. Coupled with a fast mid- to high-frequency compression driver in the time–honored JBL Professional tradition, Project Array brings a new level of dimensional accuracy to the tonal and dynamic realism JBL is justly famous for.

Available in Black Gloss Wood Grain Finish.

Features and Benefits

Front-Firing Subwoofer

25Hz – 400Hz, variable

15” (38.1 cm) Pulpcone Woofer with 4” (10.2 cm) Copper Edge-wound Voice Coil

Selectable 40Hz – 140Hz HP filter

1000 Watts Class-D Internal Amplifier

Detailed Specifications:

Description: 15″ (38.1 cm) Front-Firing Subwoofer

Frequency Response: 25Hz – 400Hz, variable

Drive Components: 15” (38.1 cm) Pulpcone Woofer with 4” (10.2 cm) Copper Edge-wound Voice Coil

Features: 40Hz – 140Hz HP

Power Consumption: 1000 Watts (Internal Amplifier)

Dimensions: Height 23″ (58.4 cm) x Width 19-1/2″ (49.5 cm) x Depth 19″ (48.3 cm) [21″ (53.3 cm) Deep with Grille]

Weight: 125 lb (56.7 kg)

Finishes: Black, High-gloss Woodgrain


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